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Luke Bishop's Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in Luke Bishop's LiveJournal:

Friday, October 7th, 2005
12:39 pm
You could of told us!
After three years of waiting George Bush Jr. has finally given us a decent, honest and completely rational explanation as to why he went to war with Iraq: because God told him to! Well you could of told us that in the first place George! Shucks... well if I ain't kind of embarassed now for doubting you Dubya... sort of invalidates all my petty criticisms now doesn't it, now that I know that your orders were divinely ordained and the fact you seem to enjoy cosy little tete-a-tete's with the supreme being.

Well, in this new climate of honesty I would also like to rationally explain some of my past actions, the reason I slaughtered and ate my family was because my neighbours talking cat told me to do it. There you all were, judging me, thinking that I must be some kind of monster when all along my actions had (if i do say so myself) quite an obvious explanation!
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
3:45 pm
I have been reading online about how some people are interpreting Hurricane Katrina as some kind of divine retribution for the United States recent war-mongering and lack of environmental concern. If this was so why the fuck has Hurricane Katrina devastated one of the poorest and blackest cities in America, attacked people who barely support the United States let alone its foreign and environmental policy? Why didn't this hurricane hit some fat cat, white, Neo-Con, Republican, anti-Kyoto Treaty enclave? I am not saying I would ever want something like this to happen to ANYONE, but the logic of these people is completely flawed.
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
10:25 am
Multiculturalism, Integration, blah blah blah
What the hell is this mythical 'British' way of life that people of other cultures should suppoedly integrate into? I suspect that coming from a Tory it is some kind of highly idealised, rose-tinted, Ye Olde Englishe way of life of Pimms on the lawn, sunday afternoons watching cricket on the village green, portaraits of the Queen and Winston Churchill above the fireplace and, in John Major's words, 'matrons riding bikes'. All very nice, all very white, all very middle class, all very 'Home Counties'.

How many people actually lived, live or want to live this life? I myself am white 'British', though significantly I have Jewish, Irish and French ancestry, and I nor anyone that I know is part of this. If you want people to integrate into British culture define it first? Wait... having trouble are we?

Even before the 1950s when immigrants from the West Indies, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent first started to arrive Britain was multicultural. There were many different subcultures related to lifestyle (whether that be employment, class, interests etc), let alone vast regional differences not only between Wales, Scotland and England but within these countries themselves. And its hardly immigration that has led to the proliferation of different subcultures, the youth revolution of the 1960s produced hippies, mods, rockers and eventually punks, goths, metallers etc among the (mostly) white youth.

This mainstream (and lets face it 'white') culture simply does not exist. Though this doesn't particularly help 'integration', and in many ways is the source of the problem as people 'stick to their own' . At the same time I wouldn't tell a gay man to settle down and get a wife because its the 'traditional British way of doing things', or tell an Asian man from Burnley that he should be trying to make an effort with the hostile white community. Why the hell should they? Forced integration is cultural imperialism. I remember reading in the Daily Mail about how America was better, they went to a multi-racial school in New York State where white, Hispanic and black kids were all singing the national anthem and saluting the Stars and Stripes. You know what I don't care about the Queen, I have no pride in what she represents, I don't care about a meaningless piece of cloth that we call a flag. I have a certain amount of pride in being British, and the music and arts that this geographical entity that we call Britain was produced, irregardless of the cultural or geographical background it came from, but none of this pride will is invested in obsolete, meaningless symbolism.

Ok, I think I'm done.
Monday, October 25th, 2004
3:53 pm
Hello you fucking stupid pricks who read this, get these albums and they will fulfill your pathetic mole like lives, blind and living in shit;

Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - The Royal Society: The best goth-punk album EVER, fuck off with your whiney AFI 'I have imbrued the witches disseminate by taking into my velour atrium' bollocks and get this album you black tear painted, scared off the sun scum

Biffy Clyro - Oooooooooooh but aren't they a bit too emo...... a bit too indie. Stop your fucking internal dialogue worms, this is clever stuff, cleverer than you musically inept retards will ever be able to even fucking imagine (that doesn't apply for me of course) so just get it and dream of playing something more than three power chords
Friday, June 11th, 2004
8:40 pm
its rather annoying, all of my other housemates have gone out and I am left in on my own which though aiding revision doesn't help with the boredom. the most annoying part is that the Dillenger Escape Plan are playing tonight, did have a ticket then i realised i couldn't go. Not exactly a fan but they hardly play in the UK let alone Exeter, would also be quite entertaining/scary to see a bunch of straight-edge hardcore kids kicking the shit out of each other (no drinking, no casual sex, no smoking, no drugs, but bring on the pit violence!) and DEP themselves would probably be something of a laugh in a crazily unlistenable way. I know people say SikTh rip off DEP and they probably are very influential but give me SikTh anyday for a start they are alot more accessible and are able to tread the fine line between being crazy for craziness sake and actually being genuinely crazy. Done
6:47 pm
The ennui of revision has forced me update! Woo, you lucky people! Wanted to do a big massive heres my life update but theres no point really, those of you that read this know whats going on and to be honest not a hell of alot has changed really. I'm still the same old Luke, which is a good thing in away, annoying in some others, I'm relatively happy, after all I have good friends, two arms, two legs, a good brain, am a nice guy and so on and so forth. The problem is that I am pretty bored of my life, not in a 'oh no i'm gonna top myself way' (i.e not like half of livejournal posters) but in a yearning for a little bit of change way, but hopefully after exams alot of that will be fulfilled, going out more, no worries and so on. Of course relationship wise I am very bored of being pretty much eternally single but I am sure that will get overcome eventually, just need to get out there a bit more I guess. On the subject of being bored its great what a thrill doing something out of the usual can be, I did an open-mic night recently and it felt fucking awesome, i got a real thrill out of doing something I have never done before and also putting myself in the way of attention rather than trying to avoid it for once, was on a high for at least a couple of days after (playing well and getting a good reaction helps, naturally). I am hoping that will not just be a one-off that it will be repeated and eventually become something that I do quite regularly (next hurdle is actually singing!). This is very much like a billycorgan.com entry actually, except I can be arsed to use capitals, but the structurelessness and general rantiness (?) is. I think I have run out of things to say actually, which is probably just as well. Feel free to comment people, in fact I actively ask you to comment! Danke xxx
Saturday, February 7th, 2004
12:57 pm
One more thing, anyone up for seeing NOFX at Brixton on the 8th May?
12:54 pm
Pixies tickets went on sale today and also sold out today. FUCK! I feel right gutted about that. If anyone is up for going to an alternative venue to see them then that would be cool and we can arrange something for that. Cheers
Sunday, January 4th, 2004
12:51 pm
Ian asked me to post so here it is.... this thing is shit
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
1:36 pm
I can;t get onto MSN because apparently I am behind a firewall. Ummmm... something a bit wrong with that considering as I am not on a LAN connection but a private one. Anyway I messed around with the LAN proxy settings like it told me to but to no avail so I have no fucking idea what to do. You guys know a hell of alot more than me so I'm wondering if you can get back to me on what to do. Cheers xxx
Friday, August 1st, 2003
12:43 am
I don't even know what I'm doing here... YEAH YEAH YEAH
Believe it people AN UPDATE. And by people I mean Ian, Adz and Laura, the only people who are gonna read this damnable thing. So what have I got to say? Not a hell of alot really. Plenty of stuff has probably happened since the last update but that is so far in the mist of times that it would take far too long to actually remember it all let alone write it. So I'll start with the here and now. Life is OK, but its kind of an everyday is the same stage, then again it is my holidays and thats what they are for I guess, doing very little. I am not quite concentrating on music as I possibly should be but its difficult, its a band thing and needs to be done as a band unfortunately Graham has buggered off to Cornwall for a bit so the Calaveras are on a hiatus. Haha hiatus- sounds very overdramatic but its not really its just an extended period of non practicing and god knows we have enough of them in uni time. Hopefully we will get somewhere and I am not betting on the wrong horse, I'll continue to do my own stuff anyway so it could always go to another project though I wouldn't want it that way. I BELIEVE in the calaveras, we just have to get our communal act together I think we ROCK now we just have to carve it into a decent shape (pats himself on the head for such a clever/ banal metaphor). So yeah, good bye and good rock!!!!
Friday, April 25th, 2003
11:44 pm
This is thanks to sheer and utter boredom but I will do this gig thing because I feel the need to gain credibility by showing that i am such a gigger... which is simply not true because to be fair I have been to a paltry amount of gigs.

First: Late starter! But The Smashing Pumpkins Wembley 2000, I was at their last date in Europe before they broke up.

Last: I guess Glitterbug at the Camden Shithole... or whatever it was, everywhere in Camden is very tacky... but its cool right?

Next: Less Than Jake at the Exeter Great Hall, I hope I have the energy for it

Best: Radiohead at Oxford Southpark. Radiohead themselves were beyond description and I got extremely passionate about it... and they played creep!!! which in itself is a reason to be there. It was also just a great day as it had Beck, Supergrass and an OAP jazz band... on the minus side it had Sigur Ros... pretentious shite at its very worst.

Worst: Smashing Pumpkins at Wembley. I love the band and I love their music but they sure as hell fucked this one up. This was Billy Corgan at his arsiest, considering it was their last date in the UK you thought he might have done a greatest hits set... but NO!!! their classics were mauled beyoond belief by corgan's petulence and songs from machina which were bad enough as it is were extended by 10 minutes. Myabe not the worst gig ever but certainly the most disappointing.

Sadly Missed: Smashing Pumpkins when they weren't being arsey, Manics in their heyday, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana

Always a pleasure: Radiohead, Hell is for Heroes, Fugazi

Best Venue: The Lemmy at exeter, it attracts some quite big bands but also has a nice intimate club feel and is comparativel spacious as well compared to most clubs

Worst Venue: The cartoon.... shite sound

Like to see: Mansun, Zwan, Radiohead again, Frank Black (if he plays some Pixies), QOTSA, Weezer, Manics (maybe), White Stripes, Cave In... and lots more bands I guess
Friday, February 28th, 2003
6:33 pm
Yes! An update which in itself is quite amazing because this must be my first update in about three weeks, mainly because I haven't quite got into the swing of live journal, who knows?

Anyway like last time this is going to be about a fun night out at the Cavern, which was actually quite fun, and erm... non-sarcastic. Anyway I decided to go on the Punk Night despite not being incredibly into punk and I went with Matt from my corridor. First band that were on when I was got there was a kind of angry-middleaged-politico-prog punk band called No Idea, who were very entertaining, especially their less well-toned Henry Rollins of a singer, the words were unintelligible but the random arm movements and bulldog-like face made up for it... what a punnam. At this time were a bunch of drunken pricks at the front moshing with beer in their hands, they were about my age as guess but they were arseholes... more on them later.

Next band up were a German emo-pop-rock band called The Pale... and they were the best band I have yet to see at the Cavern. Their lead singer looked like Chris Martin and was polite as him and their guitarist looked like a tall Rick Moranis (a side note: can anyone tell me what has happened to Rick Moranis?). They played some superbly catchy all-english songs and managed to all-round entertain. Their show was marred by aforementioned idiots who then clashed with a new group of middle-aged drunken twats. Inevitably there was fighting and they got chucked out. BY LOSERS!!! The poor Germans looked pretty scared and were getting a bit agitated methinks, hence why they left almost as soon as they were finished.

Third band were 'Against Me!', the biggest band that played as they are signed to Fat Mike of NOFX fames Fat Wreck Chords... they were shite, but they had an amusing drummer who I had been speaking to before, not having a clue who he was who looked like Rivers Cuomo in his bearded weirdo stage. He was great... shame about the rest.

I then like erm... went home via a kebab... and so far the kebab has not left me, its a lesson to be learned kids.
Saturday, February 8th, 2003
2:20 pm
Its extremely fucking difficult to ignore someone that doesn't realise you are trying to do so. Anyway two nights ago I went to the Cavern, which for those that don't know is the Exeter equivalent of the Cartoon but without the inflated prices and the sticky floors. It was some kind of battle of the bands thing which the first band with the shortest set won by a fucking mile, they were in a way a bogstandard 'emo' band but they had very catchy songs, some nice riffage and a singer that looked like Jarvis Cocker... oh and they were called Clear, not the best name but look out for it anyway.
The next band were 'Comedy Metal' and most of the members were very hairy, very ugly and were dressed like lumberjacks. But they were fucking hilarious with stupid lyrics, stupid noises, crap solos and so on. The third band.. didn't even watch them but they sounded Nu-Metal and so i couldnae be arsed. During this time I had drunk four stellas and had drunk each of them in a time period in which I could have drunk a can of home... so when I got back to the room the inevitable happened. Still I had only very recently eaten salt and vinegar crisps and so the sick just tasted of them rather than the horrible half-digested mucus crap it normally tastes of. Then i went to sleep and woke up with breath like I had shitted in my mouth, must be all the manky chemicals they put in that vile gunk of a liquid called Stella.
Thursday, February 6th, 2003
10:27 am
HA! I got a solo dedicated to me yesterday!... Still, no ones gonna shag me but oh well. That was because of a (for once) non-mashed Jaffers radio show in which he had two hours and so he decided that the first half would be rock. Bear in mind that Adams definition of rock veers towards indie but still there was some rocking stuff in there and I got the solo of the Sweater Song dedicated to me.. for some reason. I guess I also got 'Where Is My Mind?' dedicated to me because Adam decided to say 'Where is Luke's mind?' over the top of it.

Apart from that fuck all of significance happened. Apart from going to the Boot which is the halls 'pub'.... think of a drably decorated, poorly lit, dingy room with a bar, a few tables and chairs and then you pretty much have the Boot. Going there is a seriously life-draining affair. You can go there having just had a laugh back at halls and then you step in the place and suddenly all conversation dries up and the happiness is sucked out of you like some joy-hating vacuum cleaner. Its like its built over a native american graveyard or something. But.... everyone, including me still goes there, which is the inexplicable thing.
Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
1:18 pm
Adz made the point yesterday that I didn't say anything negative though I said the entry was negative... good point. There is negative stuff going on though but I don't really want to tell and I doubt anyone wants to listen so yeah.

As for the day so far... read the damn title, just general uni stuff like lectures Want to hear about totalitarianism in Soviet Russia? No?

As well as nothing going on right now there doesn't seem like anything exciting will be happening in the near future HOORAY, mostly because Jaff-face is ill and so isn't really doing much... and neither is anyone else. Oh well 24 hour Worms it is then! Though blowing up cephalopods with dynamite can't be exciting forever, can it?

Message to Adz: i'll install worms 2 on my computer soon and then i will beat yo' skinny androgynous ass... in fact thats what I am going to do now (install Worms that is)! THE JOYS OF LIFE!!!

Tuesday, February 4th, 2003
8:58 pm
Hello, this is my first live journal entry and a pretty negative start because I decided to start it when I had a bad day. This is for the following reasons;

a) I had to get up at 7 in the morning after going to bed at 3 in the morning.
b) I have had nothing to eat.... OK thats my own fault for starving myself but still I can (literally) grumble about it
c) I am pissed off with a hallmate of mine who can go fuck himself and decided that I am not going to talk to him or let him use any of my stuff because he is the biggest suxxor ever (bar the possible exception of Ian Perry).

*breathes* On a more positive note I now have a working room phone which matters to them 0.00003% of people that I actually know in uni and early this morning I kind of wrote a basis of a song... its not bad but it needs coming back to and adding and stuff and a bridge but its a good basis. And it has chords, yes ian, it has chords!!! I have been mightily surprised by my productivity as of late, it seems to be going leaps and bounds and *fingers crossed* will go further.
I also have a house! In other words I have a student flat which is a pretty damn swanky place compared to most of the student accommodation shitholes I have seen and I am sharing with people I know and don't mind w00t!

Ok thats like it for now. So thanks all you people that will be reading this... Adz, Buckio and Laura.

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